Alien Nation

by Dead Set

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The EP from San Francisco punk band Dead Set: S+M, hatred, domination, anti-commerce, and punk rock all coming from one fucked up alien nation.


released April 24, 2012

Dead Set is:
Franco Carreno-guitar
Adam Hiller-guitar
Will Slavin-bass
Max Pleaner-drums
Con Thrash-vocals

Recorded and engineered by Andres Lopez at Rocker Studios, San Francisco, California. Mixed by Conor Crockford. Photo by Hannah Cherkassky.




Dead Set San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Alien Nation
Alien nation, no expectations.

I'm just another member of the lost and found,
bumfuck nowhere bringing me down.
There's nothing here, theres no end in sight,
parents moved here so they'd feel right.
We've got it all, but there's nothing to see.
Millions of kids, we're all too free.


Keep driving round this wasted land,
radio burning some dumb rock band.
There's nothing here, it's all a waste.
We're all trying to find our place.
They surround the dead end streets,
alien nation without peace.

There's millions of us.
And we're bored.
And you're surrounded.

Track Name: Losing Control
I'm so dissatisfied with the fact
that this is a lie,
I'm tired of this trap,
I wanna beat the rap.
I think I'm gonna explode,
But I wanna keep control.

I'm losing control (*4)

I know there's no escape,
I can't get out of the maze.
I'm tired of this town,
I wear a thorny crown.
I wanna have a goal,
I wanna keep control.


You think you know me? You think there's something behind these eyes? There's nothing behind them, nothing but pain and lies, nothing but anger and rage. Daddy got drunk and Mommy just stared, not like anyone ever fucking cared. You think you know me? You think I'm a nice guy, that I'm not gonna hurt anybody? Well guess what buddy? You're just out of luck.

Track Name: Manufactured Art
Music poisoned by commerce,
warped by fashion and capital's curse,
Corporate sponsor on guitar,
Buy Vans buddy, you'll go far!

Manufactured art!

Market punk rock to housewives,
Fuck the scene, cash is your life,
Albums clean, think it'll sell,
Your ideals have gone to hell.

Manufactured art.
Track Name: I Want You
I wanna taste you, taste your stains,
you don't want me, I think I'm going insane.
A venemous fuck, poison I love,
A match made in hell, no heaven above.

I want you, I want your sin,
I want you, I want it in.

I need your hate, a last caress.
Skin in my mouth a final test.
Hand in mine, I'll lose my heart-
burn in dreams, we'll scream in the dark!


Track Name: Pathetic
You people make me sick!
At least I give a shit!
You act like you don't care about nothing,
At least I feel something.
You act as if you're in control,
At least I have a soul!

Pathetic, pathetic, you're all so pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, you're all so pathetic.

Rich kids without need,
like pigs at the feed,
You're all in it for fun,
Well fuck that, I'm done.
Track Name: Surrender
I'm sitting here, all alone,
I can't even write or telephone.
I'm screaming out from a cage,
Or am I your sick God or slave?

In your need I surrender, in lust I kneel down,
a cripple for your wage of sin, I reach up for the crown.

Isolated pit of fear, bloody visions all too clear.
A leather boot I must kiss,
it's sting will bring me bliss.

The crown! The crown!